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Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring
Aquamarine Crystal Ring

Aquamarine Crystal Ring

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Ever get hit by waves of stress? You feel normal, then all of a sudden, life’s overwhelming you and you have no idea where it came from? Us too. But with Aquamarine, you can take a step back and watch the chaos from a calm vantage point. 

No longer a drowning shipwreck survivor, Aquamarine ensures calm seas ahead, both metaphorically and literally—it’s been said to keep sailors safe from harm for hundreds of years! Where before you were flooded with stress and mayhem, now the gentle waves are barely noticeable, and when you do pay attention, it’s just to listen to that peaceful swishing noise. The waves still roll toward you, but now they break on impact because you are stronger than they are. Aquamarine’s calming energies are so powerful that it’s similar to meditation in many ways. It takes you to a state of tranquility that can only be compared to the still waters of a great lake.

Each crystal is hand-picked, then polished to reveal its sheer beauty. They’re carefully set in tarnish resistant copper wire, giving them the edge that showcases their power and natural beauty. The energy of each crystal is blended with the metal, resulting in a completely unique look that will empower you wherever your day takes you. By wearing your Crystal ring with you on your finger, you can move forward knowing that you have the strength to conquer any obstacle- whether it be a fear or a challenge.

→ Gold tarnish resistant wire
→ Hand made with customizable sizes 
→ Crystal matches Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Disclaimer: Like people, crystal come in all shapes and sizes. I cannot guarantee that your stone's shape will resemble the shape of the stone in the images above. Natural Crystal varies in size, shape, and saturation.


Aquamarine - For calming, soothing, cleansing.

Rose Quartz - For unconditional self-love, love of others,  healing and peace.

Black obsidian - For self discovery, self reflection, clarity.

Amethyst - For calm, creativity, connection.

Topaz - For Clarity, Healing, Wisdom 

Red Agate - For Protection, Creativity, Inner Balance  

Opal - For Independence, Passion, Strength  

Emerald - For Creativity, imagination, independence and prosperity.